This is a demo store from our ecommerce platform, a project where everyone can create his own store having little or no at all technical skills. If you are DIY type of user you can create and maintain very easily your online store at 1/4 half of the price.

We can help you to setup the basics of your store for free, if you need extra services like installing new themes or making modifications we assist in every step of the process. So opening a new online sales channel for your business can be done with a little effort and without risk a big of initial investment. In this platform there are various tools that you need to succeed in online sales. If you are a freelancer, small business just sing up you may find things that may be simpler that you think.


Ecommerce Tutorials

In our knowledge base you will find tutorials to set up ecommerce tutorials

  • Payment Gateway
  • How to connect your Domain Name
  • Product Data feeds
  • Setup your google analytics account
  • Setup your facebook pixel
  • How to send bulk sms to your clients
  • How to create discount codes
  • Add your first products
  • Change Design of store


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